1,500 DIA franchises in the world

June 25, 2009

The supermarket chain continues moving forwards with its international franchise expansion strategy to attain a total of 1,500 stores with this format in the 8 countries in which the Group has a commercial presence.

The franchise network, which has a highly competitive management model, is currently one of the cornerstones of the company’s development.

The difficulties that exist in the current economic climate have led DIA to make a substantial effort to increase its financial support for franchising, and to develop new systems which will benefit future franchisers with the objective of promoting this activity.

As a result of these new measures, and thanks to the constantly developing management model, the supermarket chain currently has a franchising network that includes 1,500 establishments distributed throughout all the countries in which the company is present.

Between franchises and associated stores, DIA currently has 836 establishments in Spain, 81 in France, 136 in Portugal, 104 in Greece, 198 in Turkey, 63 in Argentina, 62 in Brazil and 23 in China. By the end of 2009 the company expects to surpass 1,700 franchises.

Highlighted as a result of the positive implantation of this formula are the sales to franchisers. These had grown substantially by the close of the last financial year, with France being especially notable generating an increase of 42%, together with Brazil and Turkey which experienced growths of 62% and 72% respectively.

DIA: The 5th European Franchiser

In 2008, the DIA Group occupied the fifth position in the Franchise Europe (Food Sector) European Franchiser Ranking.