A new franchise DIA in Marmolejo, Jaén

December 3, 2014

The chain, which at year-end 2013 had 613 stores in the Andalucía, extends its presence in the region with this new establishment.

This new store allows the creation of seven jobs.

DIA today inaugurates a new own store in Marmolejo, Jaén, at Crta. Estación, “Urb. Los Naranjos”. With a sales area of 1.405 square metres, it will employ seven people.

This new establishment will operate under the banner DIA Maxi, a format which offers a greater variety of products, including perishable foodstuffs and sections such as bread and pastry ovens and cabinets displaying fresh packaged meat. This renewed concept of establishment is in response to the company’s modernisation and innovation plan whereby it offers its customers a more convenient, local and attractive environment, while always maintaining the DIA premise: the best value for money.

The store will be open Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 9:30 PM. As a result of this inauguration, it will make special offers to its customers. With this new store, DIA strengthens its presence in Madrid, where at year-end 2013 it had 415 establishments in the Region of Madrid. In addition, the company has 4,151 stores in Spain, of which 1500 operate under a franchise model.

DIA is making a significant effort to facilitate financial support for franchises by offering new systems which benefit future franchisees and which aim to encourage this activity.