DIA joins the campaign “We’re With You. Let’s end domestic violence together”, by the Ministry of Equality

May 19, 2020

DIA joins the campaign “We’re With You. Let’s end domestic violence together”

The company is contributing by communicating the campaign in its more than 4,000 stores.

With victims having to spend more time with their aggressor due to the lockdown, the campaign reminds them that they are not alone and encourages them to ask for help.

The initiative is part of the DIAContribuye2020 programme.

Madrid, 19 May 2020: DIA Group has joined the Ministry of Equality’s campaign “We’re With You.” Let’s end domestic violence together,” which it is supporting by displaying posters that customers will see on the doors of the company’s more than 4,000 DIA, La Plaza de Dia, Dia&Go and Clarel stores in Spain. ç

The fight against domestic violence has an important role in the DIA culture. With this activity, the Group aims to attract the attention of customers who are suffering domestic abuse during the COVID-19 lockdown, which means spending more time with their aggressor. The campaign reminds victims that they are not alone and of the response and support programmes in place, while encouraging them to seek help via the telephone number 016.

In addition, the company wants to raise awareness among consumers of the need to remain vigilant against domestic abuse, reminding them of their important role in detecting possible cases in their environment and in helping victims during this unprecedented time.

DIA’s support for this campaign is part of the DIAContribuye2020 plan launched by the company in response to the crisis caused by COVID-19, aiming to mitigate its consequences among the most vulnerable members of society. This project will be carried out over the course of this year and aims to reach the whole Spanish territory.