DIA puts masks on sale at cost price

April 28, 2020

Community support programme DIAContribuye2020 goes live

Customers will be able to purchase them through Dia.es from Thursday 30 April in boxes of 50 units at a price of 30 euros, 0.60 euros per unit.

The Company sells this product without any margin since it understands that it is an initiative to respond to the current needs of the population.

Under the DIAContribuuye2020 program, in the last week, 250,000 surgical masks and 2,500 liters of gel were donated in 8 regions for health personnel.

DIA Group is putting masks on sale through its website from next Thursday, April 30th. Thanks to its online sales service, the mask packs will be available in more than 500 Spanish towns. 

The Company has included this product among its commercial offer in order to respond to the needs of the current population, derived from the coronavirus pandemic. 

Consumers will be able to purchase the masks in boxes of 50 units for 30 euros including VAT, i.e. at 0.60 euros per unit, the same price the Company will pay for them to its suppliers, since the aim is to offer a service to its customers and not to make a profit. It will be possible to order a box for each order online with the aim of reaching the largest possible number of people. 

“Spanish society is facing an unprecedented situation and we want to be by its side helping how and where we can, with this spirit DIAContribuye2020 is born. All of us who are part of DIA have wanted to adapt to this current moment and therefore, we decided to put on sale disposable masks at cost price to help ensure the welfare of citizens,” said the CEO of DIA Spain Ricardo Alvarez. 

DIAContribuye2020 also supports with the donation of 250,000 surgical masks and 2,500 liters of hydroalcoholic gel to those professionals who are in the front line helping us during this crisis. 

The delivery of the material has been carried out with the collaboration of the autonomous governments of Andalusia, Aragon, Castile-La Mancha, Castile and Leon, Catalonia, Extremadura, Galicia and Madrid, which have distributed it among different groups.