DIA signs up Daniel del Toro for its “Cooking with DIA” programme

February 19, 2021

DIA signs up Daniel del Toro for its “Cooking with DIA”

”Cooking with DIA” was created to brighten up our consumers’ everyday lives during the pandemic and to promote healthy eating.

Daniel del Toro represents the company’s values of local presence and commitment to the community.

The famous chef will be making three contributions a week.

Madrid, 11 February 2021. DIA has secured the services of Daniel del Toro as a collaborator in its “Cooking with DIA” programme, the virtual showcase for recipes and culinary tips that the supermarket chain started during the pandemic on its social media platforms, together with the specialised website DivinaCocina.es, and which has already attracted more than 1.5 million followers to all their channels. The one-time competitor on MasterChef 4 has been chosen to represent the company’s defining values of local presence and commitment to the community.

“DIA, Divina Cocina and I have something very important in common: our appreciation for locally sourced products and for simple, healthy recipes that always turn out well. I am convinced that “Cooking with DIA” is going to become a popular favourite”, asserted Del Toro.

The result of this collaboration, “Cooking with DIA” kicks off every Monday with the chef revealing to his fans a useful tip that will make their time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable.

As a part of its transformation process, DIA is making a strong commitment to fresh produce, responding to customer demand and contributing to healthy eating. That’s why “Cooking with DIA” dedicates Wednesdays to the health of its followers and presents, in addition to Del Toro, “The benefits of fresh food”, a feature reminding us of the importance of including fruit and vegetables in our daily diet.

DIA’s cookery programme finishes off the week with a video on Fridays of “The chef’s recipe of the week”, cooked with DIA products, in which the renowned chef demonstrates simple dishes prepared in easy steps with seasonal products.

“Cooking with DIA” was created after more than a year of collaboration between the company and DivinaCocina.es, one of the most followed cookery channels on a national level, with which it has created simple recipes to brighten up the day-to-day lives of its consumers during the pandemic and to encourage healthy eating.