Round table discussion

October 13, 2020

As part of the transformation process DIA is undertaking, the company has organised a round table discussion with the employees’ legal representatives in order to set the baseline for an incentivised voluntary leave programme and propose certain benefit changes linked to a new organisation model.

The leave programme is aimed at around 400 positions and won’t affect either shop staff or warehouse staff.

DIA stresses its resolve to keep a close collaboration relationship with all its stakeholders and, in particular in this case, with trade unions, in order for everyone to take part in the success of the new project. In this sense, DIA keeps moving forward with its transformation plan by which it will refurbish a third of its shops, relocate up to 1,000 supermarkets with new openings, offer its clients a new commercial proposal and implement a new franchise management model.

Today, DIA employs in Spain 27,000 staff members in its network of stores, warehouses and offices.