The premium Roscon de Reyes cream cake returns to DIA

December 15, 2020

El Roscón premium de nata vuelve a DIA
El Roscón premium de nata vuelve a DIA m

The company has developed a new butter recipe for what was, according to consumers, the best supermarket Roscón De Reyes of all last Christmas.

To reach more homes, DIA has incorporated the mini version of the premium cream cake into its range.

Madrid, 15 December 2020. The premium cream cake returns to the aisles of the more than 2,800 DIA supermarkets in Spain and to the online store. This typical festive sweet hit stores for the first time last year and was chosen by consumers as the best supermarket Roscón De Reyes for several reasons, including the quality of the main ingredients of the dough (butter and orange flower water), and the texture of the 100% pure cream filling.

As is tradition, DIA’s premium Roscón De Reyes is covered in flaked almonds, a selection of candied fruit such as squash and oranges, and pearl sugar. For best results, the cream cake must be kept refrigerated. This year the company has made a 200-gram novelty mini version of the premium cream cake, to take this dessert, typically consumed on Epiphany, to as many households as possible.

Furthermore, DIA’s new festive sweets brand, Dulce Noel, incorporates another selection of Roscón De Reyes cakes of different flavours to the range, which will be available in the store’s bakery section from 2 January. The company has reworked the recipe for this selection of Roscón De Reyes cakes, making butter one of the main ingredients in order to give them a more spongy texture. Consumers will be able to choose from four flavours: traditional, cream, truffle and custard.

All of DIA’s Roscón De Reyes cakes include the traditional bean hidden inside the dough, a surprise figurine and the highly-anticipated crown for the king of the day.