DIA puts a new “ecosustainable” model store into operation

This is the second “eco” store in which the company evaluates new, state-of-the-art energy saving systems

The measures tested in the first “ecosustainable” store, which are now being progressively implemented in the company’s other stores, allow reductions of up to 25%

DIA is continuing to advance its environmental sustainability policy and, last March, the company inaugurated a second “ecosustainable” model store with newer, state-of-the-art energy saving systems which, after the first three months in operation, are already demonstrating a significant reduction in energy consumption with respect to the first model.

At the end of 2008, DIA inaugurated its first “ecosustainable” store, an establishment in which, during last year, different energy saving systems were put to the test with the aim of reducing energy consumption in the company’s stores. Now, the good results from the first store – whose systems have already been adopted as the standard for all the other DIA stores in Spain, and are achieving an energy saving of up to 25% with respect to previous systems (approximately 20 tonnes* less CO2 per store) – have led the company to inaugurate this second “ecosustainable” model store.

The principal innovations incorporated in this new store concept are the use of more efficient chest freezers, optimized lighting and refrigerated display units with high efficiency fans and glass doors. In addition, it is the first supermarket in Spain with a mixed refrigeration and air-conditioning system using R134A refrigerant, a gas which is more efficient and has less environmental impact. Using these measures it is hoped to achieve a further reduction of approximately 20% to add to the savings already obtained in the majority of stores, which will imply the emission of 15 tonnes less CO2* per store per year.

The good results obtained from these approaches, together with the company’s marked vocation for internationalization, has led DIA to commence installing these energy saving systems in its stores in the other countries where it operates.

A commitment to energy efficiency

Currently, almost 500 DIA stores are already equipped with “building automation” systems which allow centralized control of lighting thereby adapting the electricity consumption to store timetables with the consequent energy saving that this implies.

In addition, and included among these energy saving projects, the first DIA Maxi stores to be equipped with solar photovoltaic panels have been inaugurated in the provinces of Almeria and Seville. This represents the first step of a project that DIA is undertaking to install solar photovoltaic panels in its logistic centres and DIA Maxi stores.

In 2009, more than half of DIA’s store network in Spain consumed Green Energy originating exclusively from renewable energy sources, which implies the emission of 100,000 tonnes less CO2 than if it had been generated from conventional energy sources.

New ‘LEED Silver’ offices

Last July, DIA transferred its central offices to the TRIPARK Business complex located in Las Rozas, Madrid.

The new headquarters hold LEED® Silver classification with respect to sustainability. This certification identifies the said complex as having a high degree of energy efficiency, sustainability and conservation of the surroundings, as well as the use and application of renewable energies.