DIA receives the ‘Premio Corresponsables’ for its support of FESBAL

DIA, Endesa, Gas Natural-Fenosa, NH Hoteles, Caja Laboral, ADIF, Ayuntamiento de Medina del Campo, EMASESA, Aguas de Murcia, Anudal, Frutos Secos de Castellón, CECOT, Icària Iniciatives Socials, PROEXPORT and Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori were the winning organizations.

The ceremony to present these awards, given by the Corresponsable Foundation, was presided over by the Spanish Cabinet Office Minister, Ramón Jáuregui.

More than 400 people were present at the event

19th November 2010. The Corresponsables Foundation (Jointly Responsible Foundation) adjudicated the first edition of the ‘Premios Corresponsables’ (Jointly Responsible Awards) for the most innovative and sustainable initiatives in the area of Social Responsibility. The event, held in Mapfre’s Convention Centre in the presence of more than 400 people, counted on the participation of the Spanish Cabinet Minister, Ramón Jáuregui.

The awards in the ‘Large Company’ category fell to DIA for the ‘Agreement signed with the Spanish Food Bank Federation’ (FESBAL) which seeks to cater to the increasing Spanish population on the threshold of poverty through the delivery of foodstuffs; to Caja Laboral for its ‘Gestina T en Gaztempresa’ incentive, which supports young entrepreneurs in Navarra and the Basque Country through funds and the implication of its employees as financial advisors and volunteers; to Endesa for the ‘Ecoelce’ initiative, which allows recyclable waste to be exchanged for electrical energy credits in the depressed area of Ceará, Brazil; to Gas Natural-Fenosa for ‘Cuartel V’, directed at a deprived neighbourhood in Buenos Aires whose inhabitants have access to more economical, safer gas supplies through microcredits granted to families; and to NH Hoteles for its ‘Club NH Sostenible’, an R&D laboratory which unites the most sustainable suppliers with the hotel chain to develop new eco-efficient products and services.

In the ‘Administration and Public Entity’ category, the three awards went to: ADIF for ‘Servicio Dialoga’, which provides access to information and communication in railway environments for the deaf and those with hearing disabilities; the Medina del Campo Council and its innovative ‘Strategic Sustainable Development Plan’, which seeks to improve the quality of life of its citizens through a process of sustainable development; and EMASESA (Seville Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Company) for ‘Invoicing per Inhabitant’, a fairer and more socially responsible system of tariffs, which focuses on the consumption per capita instead of per building.

In the S&MB category, the award went to Aguas de Murcia and its ‘AMEB Project’, which has led to the production of a new environmentally friendly automotive fuel known as Bioedar; to Anudal which has, thanks to its ‘Disabled Personnel Integration’

project and adapting workstations to their necessities, succeeded in incorporating people from this collective that now represent more than 30% of its workforce; and to Frutos Secos in Castellón for their innovative ‘Energetic use of almond shells’, which allows this residue to be used to generate steam and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, such as gas.

Finally, in the Non-Profit Making Entity category, the awards were given to: CECOT (Terrassa District Business Confederation) for its ‘Creation of the Social Project Area’ initiative, which promotes Social Responsibility policies within the organization itself as well as associated companies; Icària Iniciatives Socials and its ‘Inout Lodge’, a tourist complex located in the heart of the Collserola mountains, which is staffed by a workforce of handicapped people; PROEXPORT (Murcia Region Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers-Exporters) for their ‘Model S-CSR’, a strategy which has allowed many companies in the agricultural sector to develop their own Corporate Social Responsibility; and the Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori organization, with their ‘Companies in Agreement with the Earth’ initiative, which promotes the business sector’s contribution to the conservation and preservation of the natural heritage and its biodiversity.

The Corresponsables Foundation, which was recently created by the MediaResponsable publishing company, was officially presented during the ceremony. For Marcos González, president of the Corresponsables foundation, and General Manager of MediaResponsable, the foundation “was born to give continuity and widen the inherent social vocation with which the publication was born five years ago, and which has become the main reference in responsible communication”. “To this effect, the Corresponsables Awards are an excellent letter of introduction for the entity and its objective, given that they are an acknowledgement and contribution to the spreading of responsible, sustainable initiatives from all types of organizations”, he added.

For his part, Fernando Morón, Director the Corresponsables Foundation, indicated that the foundation’s commitment “is to see that responsible communication is within everybody’s reach”. “We wish to be the Social Responsibility spokesperson for organizations whose responsible actions cannot find space in the normal channels of communication; as well as inform the public about the importance of Social Responsibility and how our daily actions are a part of it”.