DIA presents the new Max Descuento model and opts for a renovated cash & carry format

The store in Benavente (Zamora) heads the nation-wide renovation plan for
this format, with 32 centres in Spain.
This business line increases the number of products sold by 26% to more than
3,800, and increases its range of items for the HORECA industry.

Max Descuento has 82 suppliers in Castile-León from which it makes
purchases amounting to more than 4.1 million Euro.

DIA Group has presented this morning in Benavente (Zamora) its new model for Max Descuento, the cash & carry business line of the DIA Group, which so far in 2016 has registered a growth in sales of close to 6%. Luis Martínez, Sales Director for Spain, has been in charge of showing the results of opting for this format, which has been completely renovated with the aim of offering a wider
range of products that adapt to customer needs, and are more targeted to the HORECA industry.

The renovated Max Descuento format comes in the shape of a modern shop, with improved lighting and accessibility, and a wider range of products that is more in line with customers’ needs. It now includes 1000 additional products, bringing the total up to 3,800, which are especially targeted at the HORECA industry, although it also includes products for small corner shops, collectives or other kinds of small companies. 

In order to offer such a wide selection, Max Descuento works with 82 suppliers in Castille-León, from which it makes purchases amounting to more than 4.1 million euros.

It also includes a new snacks and sweets section, and has an improved professional charcuterie section. Furthermore, there also is an extensive range for professional variety stores.

The launch of the Benavente store, a Spanish leader in sales with an annual turnover of close to 4 million euros, serves as a pilot test for replicating this renovation in the remaining stores of this format. Max Descuento currently has 32 establishments distributed across 6 Spanish regions (Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, Castille-León, Extremadura and Murcia), a sales area of more than 33,000 square metres, and a staff that has increased by 16 workers up to 185 professionals.