Bylaws and regulations

Articles of Association

DISTRIBUIDORA INTERNACIONAL DE ALIMENTACIÓN S.A. it is governed by these articles of association, last revised on 31 July 2020, registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid on 1 October 2020.

general meeting regulation

Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentación, S.A. hereby adopts these regulations of the general shareholders meeting, the latest version of wich was adopted on 31 July 2020,  which methodise and develop the rules under which the said body is to operate, so that shareholders may know how to exercise their rights within the general meeting and, therefore, to encourage and facilitate their involvement therein.

Board of Directors Regulation

The purpose of this regulation, the latest version of which was adopted on February 21 2018, is to specify the principles for actions of the board of directors, the basic rules of its organisation and functioning and the rules of conduct for its members.

Regulations of the Audit and Compliance Committee

These regulations, approved on 14 December 2017, set out the Committee’s competences and the principles underlying its actions, as well as the basic rules governing its organization and functioning.

Internal Rules of Conduct in the Securities Market

The internal rules of conduct in the securities markets have been approved on 26 July 2016. These rules have been established in order to safeguard the interests of investors in the securities of DISTRIBUIDORA INTERNACIONAL DE ALIMENTACIÓN, S.A and to prevent and avoid any irregularity or abuse, while adhering strictly to applicable law.