Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The driving force behind DIA is offering quality at the best price to consumers; to this end, the company has a number of basic principles: Effectiveness, Initiative, Respect, Team and Customers.

The DIA values are the benchmark for always acting fairly and taking decisions from a professional ethics perspective, so as to achieve our goal of ensuring that consumers purchase quality at the best price in our network of stores.

In addition, we make these ethical principles available to all people, organisations and institutions, so that they can better understand the framework of our action.


To report any breaches of the Code of Ethics and resolve any doubts regarding interpretation, the company has an Ethical Channel divided by country for consultation and general information. This reporting and consultation channel is not only available to employees, but also to franchisees and suppliers.


The DIA Group is committed to complying with standards and respecting people, as well as to ethical conduct in its business activities. The DIA Group is committed to defining and promoting a culture of compliance by means of an ethics and integrity model and the fight against corruption and other unlawful conduct.