Grupo DIA’s community support programme DIAContribuye2020 goes live

April 20, 2020

Community support programme DIAContribuye2020 goes live

Throughout 2020, the Company will actively support vulnerable social groups through a range of local initiatives, with a special focus on those most affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Thanks to DIA’s unique footprint, with the largest number of points of sale nationwide, the focus will be predominantly on local communities.

An initial budget of 1 million euros has been allocated to the Project.

Grupo DIA, as a business integrated in local communities and specifically the challenging social situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, has launched “DIAContribuye2020” a project that will work to mitigate the negative consequences of this crisis on the communities where DIA is present. This initiative is aligned to the Company’s group Social Strategy and Purpose across the four countries in which it operates: Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Brazil.

Through this initiative, the Company underpins its role as a public service in relation to the supply of food, and being an active part of the solution to the problems facing society which stem from COVID-19. The initial budget is 1 million euros in order to actively provide support with food and safety in Spain, and to cover the most urgent needs throughout 2020. The focus is to support society at large, albeit with a special focus on the more vulnerable segments such as the elderly, children, youth and families with the greatest vulnerability and at risk of exclusion. “DIAContribuye2020” is an initiative that is carried out with the support of employees, franchisees and suppliers, and where everyone plays an important role.

“DIA has been serving Spanish families for 40 years; we are in every city, town or neighborhood as a reference proximity store. Through “DIAContribuye2020” we will be closer, when it is most needed. It is time for companies to step up and help society, help our communities, our employees and our franchisees. We will live difficult times, and we want to contribute with what we know how to do best, be close and complete our function as a public service, helping where we are needed. DIA believes that, in this social context, it has the responsibility to take an active and relevant role. Our condition as a proximity business, which has successfully overcome challenging circumstances in the last year thanks also to the response of clients, employees, franchisees and society in general, makes possible the 1 initiative we are announcing today. “DIAContribuye2020” is consistent with our commitment to build a better future.” , stated Stephan DuCharme, Executive Chairman of Grupo DIA.

In the case of Spain, DIA’s extensive territorial capillarity and its proximity store concept is the backbone of the “DIAContribuye2020” programme. The Company has the largest network of points of sale nationwide with 4,000 stores and 14 regional centers reaching across all of Spain. A total of 25,000 people work at DIA in addition to the 6,000 jobs generated by its more than 1,600 franchisees.

The 3 main elements that underpin the programme are intrinsically linked to the Company’s activity:

  • As a civic service: in support of and working and collaborating with of all those who make up the food chain and allow us to supply food on a daily basis.
  • Through proximity: DIA is the neighborhood store, the closest to the people. DIA is the supermarket chain with the most stores in towns with less than 5,000 inhabitants.
  • Closeness to society: DIA acts as a connection point in every
    neighborhood, community or town.

Each initiative within the “DIAContribuye2020” programme will bear the following seal.


Donation to Food Banks More than 16,000 kilos distributed throughout Spain 
Donation of Easter products to Cáritas and the Spanish Civil Guard 50,000 units for groups at risk of exclusion in Galicia, Zaragoza and Madrid 
 Protective equipment for health professionals2 Zaragoza Hospitals 
 1,500 m2 of logistical storage space for public useDistribution Center in Valencia for use by the Generalitat Valenciana 
 “We Double Your Solidarity” franchise support programmeDIA matching programme aligned to donations by franchisees