DIA presents its New Quality with the ‘Daily Quality Laboratory’

June 15, 2021

DIA presenta su Nueva Calidad con el  ‘Laboratorio de Calidad Diaria’

DIA shares its New Qualitywith consumers via the Daily Quality Laboratorycampaign.

 The food chain has reformulated the recipes in its own brand range to offer the best quality at competitive prices.

The company has commissioned the Space of Ad agency to create the campaign.

Madrid, 15 June 2021. The food distribution chain DIA has launched its Daily Quality Laboratory campaign aimed at creating awareness among consumers about its New Quality. The company is working on a project based on reformulating the recipes of many of the own brand products on its shelves and creating many more to cater for the current needs of its customers, offering extremely high quality products at affordable prices.


To get the word out to consumers, DIA has entrusted the campaign design to the international Space of Ad agency, which came up with a fictional laboratory as the main backdrop. The Daily Quality Laboratory features two friendly scientists, one seemingly more serious and another crazier character, who host the weekly spot, showcasing different experiments and research and adding a touch of humour as they confirm the quality of the DIA products and give the recipes the ‘New Quality’ seal of approval.


So far this year we have added over 350 new quality products to our shelves“, explains Florin Draghia, marketing director of DIA Spain. He goes on to say, “To make sure our consumers know about them and decide to give them a try, we needed a marketing campaign with a fun and attractive approach, capable of catching consumers’ attention and at the same time being educational, and also conveying the vastness of this project to reformulate our own brand offerings, thanks to which were moving forward in our purpose of being ever closer to the customer“.


The Daily Quality Laboratory comes with an online and offline media plan including TV, radio and digital media advertising spots that will run throughout the entire year.


The advertising campaign will focus on elements like the pleasure of consuming DIA New Quality products, with examples such as the fluffiness of the first slice of bread, which often goes to waste, and which has now become irresistible, or the comfort of buying a Spanish omelette that’s ready to eat after a quick ‘flip’ in the microwave.


For now, products like live Bifidus yoghurts, El Molino sliced bread, Temptation chocolate cream, Al Punto Spanish omelette or the World Selection cheeses are some of the recipes that have already passed the Daily Quality Laboratory tests with flying colours.


Ad Samples


The focus of the new Bifidus live yoghurt ad is the idea that the tastier the yoghurt, the less of it we leave in the unreachable corners of the pot. And the Daily Quality Laboratory scientists have proven this theory.


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The first and last slice of bread are blatantly discriminated against by a large part of the Spanish population. With this insight “DIA wants to demonstrate the fluffiness and taste of its El Molino breads and prove that even the crusts will be irresistible to everyone, says Esther Barchilón, Creative Copywriter at Space of Ad.

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Are you team knife, team spoon, or team anything goes when it comes to appreciating the taste and creaminess of Temptation chocolate cream? With this rather comical reflection, the food brand encourages eaters to avoid confrontation and choose sharing.

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The Al Punto Spanish omelette ad uses wordplay to explain that DIA has already revolutionised the omelette and so the consumer just has to ‘flip it’ one more time in the microwave to enjoy the perfect juicy omelette.

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Fact sheet

Advertiser: DIA España

  • Marketing Managers: Florin Draghia, Leonardo Tolosa, Miriam Roldán
  • Product Team: Elena Espada, José Alberto Pérez
  • Digital Team: Miriam Soriano

Agency and production company: Space of Ad

  • CEO: Krzysztof Justynowicz
  • Creative Supervision: Kuba Nowak, Kacper Zajaczkowski
  • Creative Team: Katarzyna Lewinska, Esther Barchilón, Julia Stencel, Ewa Gdula, Ewa Skurzynska, Adam Kmieciak
  • Accounts Management: Monika Blaszczyk
  • Accounts Team: Bartosz Kaluzinski, Dominika Smolaga
  • Strategic Planning: Pawel Jakubowski
  • Executive Production: Klaudia Mieroslawska
  • Audiovisual Production, Editing and Post-production Team: Marcin Plucinik, Wojciech Czulak, Lukasz Gulczynski
  • Voice-over: Álvaro Reina