The DIA Group reaches 3000 franchises throughout the world

January 19, 2015

Over 40% of the company’s stores now operate under this format.

Spain, with over 1600 franchises, remains the country with the highest number of establishments, followed by Argentina and Brazil, with over 470 and 450, respectively.

DIA has once again passed a new milestone in the development of its business. The company has reached 3000 franchises in the five countries where it operates, which means that 40% of all its stores operate under this format (more than 45% before the recent acquisitions of Schlecker and El Árbol).

Spain is the country with most franchises, with over 1600 stores, followed by Brazil with 470 and Argentina with 450. Portugal and China, with almost 300 and 170 respectively, close the list of markets where DIA franchises are present.

Since it opened its first franchise in Spain 25 years ago, DIA has considered the franchise model as an integral part of its business, which is also a useful formula for supporting self-employment and the local business network. DIA franchises currently generate over 18,000 jobs: over 5,500 in Spain, 2,000 in Portugal, 7,500 Brazil, 2,600 in Argentina and over 900 jobs in China.

These numbers place DIA as the world ́s leading franchising company in the retail sector, according to the ranking drawn up every year by the specialised consultancy firm Franchise Directs.