DIA Group communiqué in relation to the restrictive measures of the European Union

March 15, 2022

From DIA Group we want to convey once again, our dismay at the situation in Ukraine and our absolute rejection of the war and the actions carried out by Vladimir Putin.

We want to convey to the Ukrainian people a message of solidarity and support for the heartbreaking humanitarian consequences that are affecting millions of people and that fill us with great concern.

Within the framework of the EU’s restrictive measures in response to this situation and, in particular, in relation to the new packages of sanctions against Russia, from DIA Group we want to convey a message of stability and communicate that the company has not been sanctioned nor is it being affected by the sanctions that have been imposed on its indirect shareholders.

DIA Group is a Spanish company, founded in Madrid and present today in four countries, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Portugal, where 36,000 people work every day to create close relationships with the communities where we operate.

During our more than 40 years of history, the shareholding of Dia Group has been composed of investors of various nationalities and origins. Currently, our main shareholder, LetterOne, an Anglo-Luxembourg international company, does not have any majority shareholder that have, neither individually nor by agreement with other shareholders, control of said holding.

Therefore, there has been no sanction to DIA Group.

This information has been shared with the National Securities Market Commission. In this way, the CNMV continues to maintain DIA Group shares price in Spain, which is a guarantee for our business and a guarantee of continuity.

From DIA Group we continue to work intensely and with agility in different ways of collaboration and valuable help to the people of Ukraine through product donations and monetary contribution actions, among the many solidarity measures born of our own employees.

We want to convey a message of hope to the recovery of dialogue and understanding by appealing to peace and solidarity of all with those affected, with the hope that reason will soon prevail over violence.