DIA Group delivers more than 4.5 million kilos to Food Banks during 2016, reaching an all-time high figure

December 20, 2016

DIA Group has increased the amount delivered by 14% in comparison with 2015, when it collected 3.9 million kilos of food.

Spain accumulates 79% of the total deliveries made in the five countries where the distribution group operates (Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina and China)

DIA has reached an all-time high figure this year in its contribution to Food Banks. During 2016, the Spanish distribution group has collected and delivered more than 4.5 million kilos of food to different food banks and other non-profit entities in the five countries where the company operates (Spain,
Portugal, Brazil, Argentina and China). The figure reached during 2016 represents a 14% increase over the previous year, and sets a new milestone for the company.

In order for the total amount of food collected by DIA Group to reach the Food Banks (more than 4.5 million kilos), 280 trucks[1] would be needed . Placed end to end, they would extend more than three kilometres in length. 

On a country basis, Spain has delivered 3.59 million kilos during this year, some 4% more than in 2015. It is followed by Portugal (436,000 kilos), Brazil (401,000), Argentina (90,000) and China (1,500).
These acts of charity have been possible thanks to the support of customers and the company’s own employees, the DIA franchises, along with the various collaborators with whom DIA Group regularly works and the products suppliers and logistics services.

As a result of DIA Group’s ongoing collaboration with Food Banks, the company has been granted numerous awards in 2016. Specifically, during this financial year in Spain, the company has been given awards from the Food Banks of Asturias, Madrid and Valladolid. In Brazil, the Mesa Brasil SESC food bank network has awarded a prize to DIA Group for its ongoing collaboration in the delivery of food to the network. 

DIA is moving forward in this way in its commitment to using surplus food and delivering it to as many people as possible. The company is also part of the ‘FoodWaste’ project, an initiative promoted by the Spanish association of manufacturers and distributors (AECOC) to avoid food waste.

DIA Group delivers more than 4.5 million kilos to Food Banks during 2016, reaching an all-time high figure