DIA Group opens 2,000th franchise in Spain

April 7, 2016

At the end of March, more than 40% of the chain of shops consisted of
franchises in Spain, employing over 7,200 people.
In the five countries in which the group operates, the number of franchises has risen to 3,743.

The DIA Group has opened its 2,000th franchise in Spain, demonstrating the company’s commitment to this business model. Between January and March 2016, the DIA Group opened 46 new franchises in Spain, for a total of 2,000 shops. More than 40% of the shops that the group operates in Spain and more than 50% of those worldwide follow the franchise business model.

DIA franchise number 2,000 is located in Madrid and trades under the name DIA Market. It is run by an entrepreneur who already has two franchise shops in the Spanish capital and has opened a third, backing this business model once again. In fact, multi-franchisees (entrepreneurs with two shops or more) now make up 12% of the total number of franchisees at the group level, managing close to 24% of the network of shops of this kind. 

Since the opening of the first franchise in 1989, DIA has fostered the development of franchising, allowing growth within Spain and the opening of new shops abroad. As a result, the DIA Group is the number one franchising company in Spain, both in terms of the number of shops as well as sales volume, and is third in Europe in the food sector, according to the international Franchise Direct ranking.

In Spain, the 2,000 franchises have created over 7,200 jobs and more than 24,000 positions in total over the 3,743 shops across all five countries (Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil and China).

In 2015, the DIA Group had a record-breaking year, opening 612 new franchises,
including 308 in Spain.