DIA makes changes in its internal organization to be closer to clients and business

March 21, 2017

DIA has decided to organize itself in Spain along business lines in order to adapt more efficiently to the company ́s reality: proximity to Dia (Market and Maxi), La Plaza de Dia supermarkets, Clarel personal care stores, Cash & Carry Max Descuento and online channels.

DIA has become, in recent years, a multi-ensign and multi-brand company, with an important ongoing digitization process. The new organization responds to this reality and is closer to the needs of clients and its new lines of business.

The DIA Group’s first line of management, headed by Mr. Ricardo Currás as Chief Executive Officer, is made up of the following executives:

Diego Cavestany, Antonio Coto, Juan Cubillo, Faustino Domínguez, Javier La Calle, Amando Sánchez, Fernando González, Ignacio Gosálbez, Alejandro Grande, Miguel Guinea, José Antonio Lombardía, Luís Martínez, Freddy Wu.

All of them have extensive experience in the company without the need for external incorporations. (See organization next page).

In addition, DIA ́s Board of Directors has agreed to create a new non-executive Vice- Presidency with the purpose of strengthening the area of institutional representation and relations with stakeholders and, in turn, facilitating a more efficient sharing of the many tasks developed to date by the non-executive President and the current Vice-President of the Board.

To occupy this new non-executive Vice-Presidency, which is given the rank of First Vice- Presidency; Mr. Richard Golding has been appointed, with Mr. Mariano Martín Mampaso as second Vice President.

Mr. Richard Golding and Mr. Mariano Martín Mampaso, Chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee and Chairman of the Nomination and Remunerations Committee respectively, have been members of the Board of Directors since DIA ́s flotation on the Stock Exchange in July 2011.

This decision underscores the importance to the DIA Group of its commitment to and relations with investors, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.