DIA Spain unveils its new own-brand Spanish milk

July 21, 2021

Under the name ‘Dia Láctea’, the company has launched its new own-brand of high-quality milk, with 12 different varieties to meet customers’ current needs.

The new milk range comes entirely from Spanish farms.

Dia Láctea’ comes with a sustainability purpose. The company will donate one lorry full of milk per month to FESBAL over one year.

Las Rozas de Madrid (Madrid), 21 July 2021. DIA continues to make progress on its own-brand transformation with ‘New Quality’. The food distribution company has now revamped its dairy range with its new own-brand milk ‘Dia Láctea’, which is now available at the company’s more than 2,800 stores in Spain and in the dia.es online shop.

Dia Láctea’ is a clear example of the change and transformation that our own-brand is undergoing. To develop this new range, we have worked closely with producers in order to obtain a top quality product produced entirely in Spain to support our community and local suppliers. This new range also adds value for the end consumer by ensuring sustainability throughout the process while respecting the environment”, explains Jose Manuel Blanco, Head of Fresh Produce at DIA Spain.

The new dairy range contains twelve varieties, including the traditional whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed milks, with and without lactose, and other added-value proposals to meet current consumer demands. These special milks include Omega 3 milk and the Calcium and Vitamin D milk which, together with the lactose-free range, are Animal Welfare certified. Furthermore, the production process meets sustainable development criteria, offering maximum transparency to the end consumer.

Dia Láctea’ also comes with a completely revamped packaging, much more attractive and visual, which clearly shows the product specifications, as well as the different certified seals -such as the FSC seal, which indicates that the paper comes from sustainably managed forests. In addition, DIA has removed plastic from its new milk range and replaced it with recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging.

An own-brand with a purpose

To mark the launch of ‘Dia Láctea’, the company has pledged to donate one lorry of milk per month to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL) over one year. This equates to more than one million glasses of milk, thus guaranteeing the minimum consumption of dairy products for people at risk of vulnerability.

This decision is part of the three key issues addressed by the company in its Strategic Sustainability Plan: the food gap. To reduce this gap, DIA is working to promote healthy eating for millions of families at risk of poverty.