DIA’s summer range arrives with New Quality

July 2, 2021

The company kickstarts the hottest season of the year with an improved range of ice creams, horchatas, salmorejos and gazpachos.

The summer range includes more than 200 top-quality seasonal items.

DIA continues to make progress with its own-brand renewal.

Madrid, 1 July 2021. With the arrival of summer, DIA has taken a step forward in its own-brand renewal by including more than 200 top-quality seasonal items. The company has improved the recipes for some of the products already in its range and has launched new items that respond to market trends.

“At DIA we are immersed in the process of renewing our own brand so as to offer new quality products in terms of texture, flavour and the amount of raw materials used. For this summer selection, we’ve carried out extensive market research to create a complete and innovative range with one clear objective: a unique product that satisfies even the most demanding palates”, explains Marek Bona, Head of Sales at DIA Spain.


DIA’s new assortment of products also comes in more modern and attractive packaging to convey the brand’s renewed image to consumers.


Among the new products for the summer, the company has launched the ‘Temptation‘ ice cream range, with fifty products including chocolates, cones, bars, sandwiches and children’s ice creams. The range also includes over 20 new ideas developed with flavourists and master ice cream makers to come up with the tastiest recipes.

“Temptation” offers classics such as chocolate ice-creams and vanilla and macadamia nut tubs, as well as other highly-demanded novelties, such as the first own-brand Ruby chocolate ice-cream, the 70% pure cocoa ice-cream from Ecuador, the cookie sandwich and fruit smoothies and ice-cream sorbets made with 64% organically grown fruit and vegetables which are gluten and lactose-free.

In addition, the new range of chocolates is ‘Rainforest Alliance’ certified, meaning that the product was made using methods that support the three pillars of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

The ‘Temptation’ ice cream range has also been designed for the youngest members of the family, with Rosi, a cream and strawberry cow, Martín, the milk and chocolate calf and Cris, the elephant with a strawberry, pineapple and lemon trunk.

“Al Punto” gazpazcho and salmorejo cold soups

Cold soups are one of the most popular dishes at this time of year when temperatures soar, which is why last year DIA added a new range of salmorejos and gazpachos to its ‘Al punto’ brand range. This launch was a great success, thanks to its fresh varieties which are packaged immediately after preparation and do not rely on heat treatments or pasteurisation.

This year the company wanted to take another step forward and has launched a gourmet version for the range, including an almond gazpacho made with extra virgin olive oil, as well as a new smaller 330 ml format for fresh gazpacho and salmorejo .

DIA makes its fresh gazpacho and salmorejo in Cordoba, respecting the traditional recipe and guaranteeing maximum freshness in the process

Start your day like a tiger

DIA has also added horchata de chufa, a refreshing tiger nut based drink, to its summer range, with a new recipe made following the traditions of the master Valencian horchata makers. After a meticulous selection of the raw materials in a factory on the shores of the Mediterranean, the third generation of a family of horchata makers extracts the fat in the same traditional way as it is done with fresh drinks, meaning that DIA’s tiger nut horchata contains 2.5% fat, which gives it an intense flavour.

DIA´s new horchata recipe contains less sugar than the market average, making it the perfect refreshing drink on hot summer afternoons.