DIA Group appoints Martín Tolcachir as CEO of DIA Argentina

September 3, 2020

Grupo DIA nombra a Martín Tolcachir CEO de DIA Argentina
Martín Tolcachir Premio Anual Retailer 2023

Martín Tolcachir boasts more than 20 years of experience in the distribution sector and is an expert on the Argentinian market.

Through this appointment, the DIA Group strengthens its operating model with strong local leadership in each of its markets.

The Company backs activity in Argentina with a view to developing the business in a market where the DIA local business model continues to gain a market share.

Madrid, 3 September 2020. Martín Tolcachir has joined the DIA Argentina team as its CEO with the aim of continuing to drive the process of change that the company is carrying out in this country. This way, the DIA Group continues to strengthen its teams with local talent in order to continue with the transformation of DIA Argentina. This transformation is centred on improving the commercial offering, which in turn is focused on fresh produce and own brand products, as well as on the modernisation of its store network.

Martín Tolcachir has more than 20 years of experience in the distribution sector, both in food companies such as Carrefour, and consumer goods companies such as Electrolux, where he took up a General Management position in Argentina to improve customer experience, and where he would later lead the business in the Southern Cone region.

“I am excited for Martín to join the DIA Argentina team. His experience, his knowledge of the Argentinian market, and his customer focus will be key in tackling the changes the business needs to make, with an emphasis on the local community. DIA is a key stakeholder in the local community, and one of the country’s leading food distributors. Martín will provide impetus to this initiative, at a time when we want to be closer to our customers than ever,” says Stephan DuCharme, Executive Chairman of the DIA Group.

“I am convinced that DIA’s winning formulas have become even more important in today’s context. Closeness, accessibility and practicality are attributes that today’s consumers in Argentina value more than ever, and serving them every day in a responsible way opens up new opportunities for us to grow. We will continue to push the transformation process in order to make the most of the opportunities we have, improve customer experience and therefore make DIA the preferred shop for people in Argentina,” Martín Tolcachir, CEO of DIA Argentina expresses.

Until now Alejandro Grande has combined the management of DIA Argentina with running the Group’s HR department. From now on he will be in charge solely of HR, while continuing to be on the Company’s Management Board. Throughout 2020, Alejandro Grande has made progress in the first phase of DIA Argentina’s transformation, strengthening the Company’s operating model, driving online business and taking on the organisational challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown up in Argentina.

Martín Tolcachir joins the DIA Group’s Management Board, reporting directly to Stephan Ducharme, Executive Chairman of the Company.

Martin Tolcachir’s professional journey in summary

Martín Tolcachir has a degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Buenos Aires and an MBA from the IMD Business School. His professional career progressed at Carrefour Argentina where he managed Consumer Goods Products, and he later went on to lead the same area for the Carrefour Group in France, and the Own Brand products area for 7 years. He returned to Argentina as Sales and Marketing Director until 2018 when he joined the General Management of Electrolux Argentina, and one year later when he occupied the same position for the company in the Southern Cone region. Tolcachir speaks fluent French and English, and Spanish is his mother tongue.