DIA is up to 2,000 franchises throughout the world

October 25, 2010

DIA has just opened its franchise ‘2,000’ in Turkey

With 2,000 establishments under this format, DIA is the third franchiser in Europe (food sector) according to Franchise Europe ranking

This morning, in DIA central headquarter in Madrid, Ricardo Currás de Don Pablos, DIA General Manager, has announced the company has recently opened its franchise number ‘2,000’ worldwide, a store located in Izmir – Söke Merkez (Turkey). This establishment, inaugurated last 13th October, is only a new establishment of the 2,000 franchise stores network that DIA has extended to 7 countries throughout the world across three continents.

As a result of these indicators, DIA is the third franchiser in Europe (food sector) according to Franchise Europe ranking.

DIA franchise

Conscious of the difficulties that exist in the context of current economics, DIA is continuing to make a concerted effort to increase measures to provide financial support for franchises to offer new systems that benefit future franchisees with the objective of promoting this activity further.

According to Mr. Currás’ words, “our chain proposes to entrepreneurs and business sector specialists the opportunity to establish themselves with their own store through different measures regarding to financial support and managerial skills needed for success”.

With enthusiasm, motivation and enjoyment for dealing with people, DIA offers to interested entrepreneurs the opportunity to get their own bussiness. So, in a difficult economic environment, in DIA we make it possible for an entrepreneur to see their own business materialize with the constant support, and the guarantees and security of a trusted banner.

DIA stores

DIA continues, also for franchises, the process of transforming its stores to the DIA Market and DIA Maxi formats, a transformation that, without doubt, is already a visible, successful reality which has been greatly approved by our customers who buy more from us frequently.

The process of transformation to the new DIA Maxi and DIA Market formats is in response to the competitive modernization and innovation plan with which DIA offers its customers a more comfortable environment which is closer, modern and attractive, where customers can find the answer to all their basic necessities, and always retaining the best quality-price relationship in the market.

DIA’s notable vocation for growth and internationalization led the company to continue this line of pioneering stores in all the markets where it has a commercial presence in order to offer consumers new services with a more modern, innovative appearance, always taking into account the necessity to adapt the formats and services to the attributes and characteristics of each local market.