DIA takes home 3 awards from Creativepool 2021

September 28, 2021

The ‘Laboratorio de Calidad Diaria’ advertising campaign has won gold in the ‘People’s Choice’ category and bronze in ‘Integrated Campaigns’ at the international competition.                    

DIA’s packaging also won silver for its ‘Mari Marinera’ private label tuna.

The competition’s judges are some of the world’s most prestigious creative individuals.

Las Rozas de Madrid (Madrid), 28 September 2021. DIA has been recognised at ‘Creativepool 2021’, currently the most important international creativity awards, where an imposing jury made up of the world’s most prestigious creative individuals select the true masters of creativity and their work.

The ‘Laboratorio de Calidad Diaria’ won two awards; gold in the ‘People’s Choice’ category for the creative advertising campaign, and bronze in the ‘Integrated Campaigns’ category for its 360 marketing approach using multiple channels and online and offline media (TV, digital, stores, logo, brochures, etc.).

DIA launched the ‘Laboratorio de Calidad Diaria’ campaign in June to introduce customers to the new quality of its private label products. “So far this year, we’ve added over 650 top-quality products to our stores”, explains Florin Draghia, head of marketing at DIA Spain. “We needed an attractive and fun advertising campaign to capture our customers’ attention and encourage them to try these products. At the same time, the campaign needed to be informative and to convey the importance of this great project to renew our private label. This is how our ‘Laboratorio de Calidad Diaria” came about, he adds.

The company engaged the international agency Space of Ad to design and prepare the campaign and they came up with the concept of a fictitious laboratory as the main setting. In this laboratory, two friendly scientists, one seemingly more serious and the other a little crazier, provide weekly reports using experiments and research to humorously confirm the quality of DIA products and to stamp then with the ‘New Quality’ label certifying the recipes.

Mari Marinera tuna – silver


DIA was also awarded the silver medal in the ‘Packaging’ category by the Creativepool judges. The experts acknowledged the Mari Marinera tuna’s quality packaging with its original, innovative and environmentally friendly design.

“At DIA we are in the midst of a major rebranding process in which the packaging plays a key role”, explains Ana Isabel Terrés, Senior Product Packaging and Design Manager at DIA Spain. Our customers’ product experience begins when they first see an item and this develops as they pick the product up and open it before consuming the contents. Therefore, when designing our products, we prioritise the value proposition we make to customers, focusing on the most distinguishing and emotional part of the products. This means that the packaging has to be attractive and elegant, made using sustainable, environmentally friendly materials where possible and, at the same time, easy to pick up, store and use. The Mari Marinera design reflects all these attributes”, she adds.

The design for the Mari Marinera tuna packaging portrays Triton, king of the sea, with the blue recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging reflecting the colour of the ocean.

About Creativepool

Creativepool is an English network connecting advertising professionals. Each year, prestigious creative individuals from international agencies such as McCann, Cheil, Leo Burnett and Grey Group form a jury to select the most influential professionals in each category. Their judging criteria are based on ideas that change the way we see things forever, ideas that are creative and visionary, that change behaviour, enrich life, inspire and that have potential.

The winning entries are included in the Digital Annual 2021, available on the official competition website, which has already been shared with brands, agencies and a wide network of contacts in the communication industry.