DIA Brazil offers prices that beat Black Friday for its 20th Anniversary

August 31, 2021

In the month in which DIA Brazil celebrates 20 years in the country, the company’s more than 750 stores will present customers with prices that beat the competition, Black Friday and DIA’s own prices, which will be even lower. The anniversary celebration runs until 1 September.

São Paulo, July 2021 – In August 2021, DIA Brazil celebrates 20 years since its operations in the country. With more than 750 shops distributed in São Paulo and Minas Gerais and more than 7,000 employees on the team, the company prepared a special anniversary party offering prices so low that they beat Black Friday and competitor offers.

The anniversary celebration runs until 1 September, with the dissemination of three slogans: Supera Black Friday, lowest prices of the year; Supera Concorrência, prices your neighborhood has never seen; and Supera Menor Preço, DIA’s lowest prices, even lower.

In this celebration, the proximity between customers and DIA Brazil employees will occur through a 360° dissemination campaign involving various media: TV, FM radio, communication materials at points of sale, Jingle on Rádio DIA, in-store posters, and offers tabloid, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Sound Cars.

As a soundtrack, the company created the song “Aniversário DIA Supera”, a version of the song “Supera“, a Sertanjo hit that already has more than 300 million views on YouTube. To help customers take advantage of DIA Brazil’s anniversary offers, which beat BlackFriday and competitor prices, the song “Aniversário DIA Supera” is performed by the Banda Amigos do Bairro, which represents the neighbors of each DIA Brazil store.

“On the anniversary of 20 years in Brazil, DIA reinforces its pillars of being close to its customers with well-located shops, offering Own Brand products and guaranteed freshness, always at the lowest price,” says Rafael Berardi, Marketing Director of DIA Brazil.